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Laetitia's "Something Shines" out in August + Little Tornados LP
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Re: Little Tornados

vivakomeda wrote:
Sheesh, it was just an observation. I find it problematic and ever-present with Sadier.

"Troll" is one of those words, I think. Just a conversation killer.

"Trolling" in the current vocabulary I guess means to make a deliberately provocative comment, in the hope of getting reactions from others you expect will disagree. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that it was indeed just an observation :)

I do feel it's a somewhat trite one though, as Laetitia has always been upfront with her political views (and anyone with more than a passing interest in Stereolab knows this by now). To say it's "almost like a compulsion" is I think unpleasant, as it implies a lack of sincerity on her part (for me I would take compulsion to mean that it's not something she really wants to do, but feels she has to, in order to maintain this aspect of her image). I have no doubts that Laetitia is very sincere in her beliefs and intentions. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, so if that's yours then no worries. For me though the lyrical themes are one of the aspects which made the groop so unique and appealing, I can't imagine their albums would have grabbed me so much if they had been writing on less subversive topics. Some listeners maybe don't pay attention to the lyrics, and consider it to be pleasant background music to throw on at a cocktail party in their space age bachelor pad or whatever. I feel that odd juxtaposition was part of the attraction for me.

Jul 02, 2014, 16:38


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