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Laetitia's "Something Shines" out in August + Little Tornados LP
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Re: Little Tornados

Hobobachang wrote:
deadlyfingers wrote:
Hey, now - let's all try to get along.

Heheh, no worries. I am surely one of the least combative presences on this forum, and tend to keep out of any "mass debates" ;D Indeed I seem to recall defending Vivakomeda from accusations of trollish behavior in the past, as he always seemed reasonable enough to me. However this was a trollish post! Surely everyone has some inkling by now of the activist streak which has been present throughout Laetitia's it such a surprise? Is there any need for cynical comments like this, in the face of someone simply trying to do a bit of good in this world?

Peace :)

Laetitia has a clitoris ottoman. shhh.

Jul 28, 2014, 06:25


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