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Re: Raises white flag

And the winner (drum roll) of the World's biggest Asshole Contest...
I can't believe it ladies and Gents! Let's give a standing ovation to the guy who haters love to emulate, for the 35th year straight(drum roll) Congratulations Richard Nixon!!!! !
Speech President !! Speech!!!
(Lady realeases two white doves from cage)

"First of all being an asshole is simple. It comes naturally to 99.9% of us . But first of all , I thank my lovely wife and a special exhaultation to God, our lord and Saviour. I've got my bottle of Hennesy the worlds crappiest brandy you did anyone check out, Dictator Doe Die? He has my vote for next weeks W.B.A.awards!! Clinton , The Geedub, maybe next year one of you will LUCCI!!🐽 now I'm back to the Bunker for my Yellow then Green, then Blue then Yellow uh, "evil Snicker," afternoon dirt nap. Once again thank you Jesus and A special holla to Budha who really made this special day possible. Big round of applause for Siddartha B.. Thanks you people are wonderful. Amazing crowd, best ever. Peace,"evil snicker"
And we out."

Oct 09, 2014, 20:59