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MAGMA...need help
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Re: MAGMA...need help

GaryB2 wrote:
Quick question - on the KA album on my iTunes track 3 is ~21.44 minutes in length. I am sure that JS (of this forum) told me that there is a ~40 minute version of the song. Is this true as far as you are aware? I might be going daft here but I'm sure JS even sent it to me (I later lost most of my mp3s so no longer have it).

Curiously there's no mention of a 40 minute version on Discogs :-/

No idea about that, sorry! There is the original version of the first half of KA part 3, otherwise known as "Om Zanka". A live version from the 70s was released on the inedits album in 1977:

Also early versions of most of the KA tracks seem to be available from a 1973 rehearsal tape:

If I remember correctly I think I used to have an instrumental version of the KA studio album as well which I downloaded from somewhere or other.

But not sure about a 40 minute version of that particular section. Maybe from a live recording...?

Jun 17, 2017, 10:53