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youtube and soundcloud... music promotion gone wrong?
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Harold Bissonette
Harold Bissonette
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Re: youtube and soundcloud... music promotion gone wrong?

cyberpainter wrote:
So I was irritated today that a music video a friend posted on facebook forced me to listen to an advert first. That actually wouldn't be so bad, it's just the name of the game really. But the advert was another crappy band's song! That's just so wrong.

Also I wanted to ask about soundcloud. I just listened to a song, a good one btw, by a new band The Galaxy Electric. Then after that, another song kicked in. It wasn't the other Galaxy Electric song they have up. It was apparently a random song in a player on the bottom of the page. That kind of sucked too.

YouTube advertising seems to get gradually more intrusive - those visual text adverts/links plonked over the videos are also irksome. I wonder if they are doing what Spotify did and heading for a paid ad-free service to avoid all that. I have been known to click on a YouTube track and wonder for several seconds why an artist's music has become so bland and commercial - only to realise I'm listening to one of those adverts.

I've had that on Soundcloud, where after the track/s you are listening to a seemingly unrelated artist's music will automatically play next. I once discovered something really good that way (can't remember what), but generally a bit annoying.

Aug 24, 2014, 12:47