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Fun political quiz (US)
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Re: Fun political quiz (US)

wracket wrote:

Voting a third party candidate is not throwing your vote away. The single biggest problem with American politics is not vote-rigging, not the electoral's the fact that MOST people vote for the main party candidate that they DISLIKE THE LEAST, rather than vote with the candidate that best represents their views. This allows the corporate whore duopoly to continue to dominate American politics.

It's not hype it's reality. With the system as it stands now, obviously you throw your vote away if you vote third party. However you might have philosophical reasons for doing so and not consider it thrown away. Maybe for some long term goal in changing the system or at least changing the center of balance of the 2 main parties.

No one ever agrees with all of a candidate's views. And when in other governments coalitions need to be formed between parties that have very little in common, you have the compromising that you might dislike, only it comes in a different form at a different time. No system is perfect, and all have corruption.

Oct 08, 2008, 03:49