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Fun political quiz (US)
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Re: Fun political quiz (US)

A third political party would be great, especially if it was neck and neck with the other two in a race. I can not tell you for certain why an independent party has not risen to adequate prominence in the USA. Even if we claim to be liberal, I suppose we are still a conservative lot in the sense that we stick with the tried and true (not that it has been true) or that most of us are followers and not willing to be leaders. Unfortunately, being a successful political party in this Capitalist society is prohibitively expensive, thus making it difficult for a third party to rise up to prominence. I could stand on the street corner and shout about this and everyone will clap in acknowledgement, but that would be as far as it goes. Given this, a wealthy individual needs to emerge from one of the other two parties as an independent. His or her platform would have to appeal strongly to members of the other two parties so as not to be labeled a ?maverick? or as someone standing on shaky moral ground. Both parties like you say are swalking about making CHANGES. I think genuine change could only be accomplished by a third party. When is this going to happen? Unfortunately, only after we get smashed really hard in a cataclysmic way

Oct 09, 2008, 20:08