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Fun political quiz (US)
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Re: Fun political quiz (US)

Personal Matching Score: 75%
Barack Obama matches your views on personal issues very highly.

Economic Matching Score: 46%
Barack Obama poorly matches your views on economic issues.

You agree with Barack Obama significantly more on personal issues than on economic issues. You will likely agree with Barack Obama on issues like morality, lifestyle, and civil rights, but will not agree as well on issues like taxes, budget, and spending issues.

Comparing Personal Answers between You and Barack Obama


Barack Obama
Abortion is a woman`s right Strongly Support Strongly Support
Sexual orientation protected by civil rights laws Support Strongly Support
Teach family values in public schools Oppose Oppose
Death Penalty Strongly Oppose Oppose
Mandatory Three Strikes Sentencing Laws Strongly Oppose Strongly Oppose
Drug use is immoral: enforce laws against it Support Support
Illegal immigrants earn citizenship Support Support
More Spending on Armed Forces Strongly Oppose Support

Comparing Economic Answers between You and Barack Obama


Barack Obama
Require companies to hire more women and minorities Oppose Strongly Support
More federal funding for health coverage Strongly Support Support
Privatize Social Security Oppose Strongly Oppose
Parents Choose Schools via Vouchers Oppose Oppose
Replace coal & oil with alternatives Support Strongly Support
Allow churches to provide welfare services Support Support
Make taxes more progressive Support Strongly Support
Support and Expand Free Trade Support Oppose
Stricter limits on political campaign funds Support Strongly Support
The Patriot Act harms civil liberties Support Strongly Support

Oct 10, 2008, 09:01