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Fun political quiz (US)
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Re: Fun political quiz (US)

wracket wrote:
It has very little to do with the US being a capitalist country. I'm a capitalist of sorts...hell, I make my living in the very heart of the capitalist beast. But if you think that the Democrats are any less owned by Big Business than the Republicans, it simply isn't true. So yes, Obama is very much so a corporate whore, though I respect your choice to prefer him to McCain (and I particularly respect the choice to prefer nearly anyone to Palin).

Because they all take contributions from corporations does not make them owned by them. Most candidates take contributions from conflicting sides of issues, it does not follow that they will do all their bidding. Unless candidates are mega wealthy, this is the way it is funded right now. I agree that that should change. I'm not naive, but I also think it takes more than campaign funding to dictate the platform and issues of at least the democratic candidates.

Oct 11, 2008, 03:46