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High Llamas and Sean O'hagan..
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Re: High Llamas and Sean O'hagan..

Harold Bissonette wrote: wrote:
but thinking of studying a bit more and checking out Microdisney.

I had one of their albums once. I was interested to hear what a band with both O'Hagan and Cathal Coughlan (who's music I really like - a lot lot darker than the High Llamas). To me they are very much of their era - 80s pop - some good tracks but generally I was disappointed. Only the odd hint of The High Llamas sound.

This clip on YouTube is very interesting - I think some of the audience were angry at the band for the dig in the lyrics at Boy George or George Michael and singer Coughlin gets very agitated about it (O'Hagan stays very much in the background throughout).

I was checking out Microdisney yesterday as well. They are described as a "seminal" band. I put it in the same category as I would Echo and the Bunnymen, early R.E.M, Let's Active, or Gang of 4. Not really that impressed either but I guess they had a pretty decent following in England in the early to mid-80's.

Jan 05, 2015, 19:31