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your recent finds: cds vinyls books instruments ...
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Re: your recent finds: cds vinyls books instruments ...

Mysteryhello wrote:
Coucou, i've heard there's a Fnac in Dubaļ but that's for unused stuff!
Glasgow should be a great town to live or to visit. I only knew some Irish towns like Galway, Dublin or Killarney.
Birmingham & London in UK.

Not aware of any FNAC in Dubai, I think they opened a branch in Qatar? There are only Virgin Megastores here, which have really crappy range and of course no second hand stuff. They do however have a vinyl shelf, with surpisingly tasteful selection of reissues (lot of classic jazz, funk and soul LPs). However a. the prices of these are outrageous b. any I am interested in I have already picked up previously an original copy for fraction of the cost and c. my turntable is not here with me anyway :(

Never thought I'd say it, but thank goodness for MP3s :D

Glasgow is indeed a very cool place. The weather can be bit depressing and town gets pretty rowdy at times. But so many great pubs / gigs / records stores / clubs / restaurants etc. Didn't realise how lucky I was growing up there :)

Jun 28, 2015, 16:10


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