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your recent finds: cds vinyls books instruments ...
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Re: your recent finds: cds vinyls books instruments ...

Mysteryhello wrote:
Hobo, what should we listen to in arabian music? Ancestral or not.
The prayers from mosques are a bit fascinating for strangers like me. Do you have some links with classical prayers with french or english translations? Thanks.

To be honest I know very little about Arabic music. I too find the call to prayer to be a fascinating sound. Regardless of how one feels about Islam (or religion in general for that matter) when a person is expressing some deep seated belief in this way it can make for pretty powerful listening IMHO. Sometimes I like to stop around the Mosques just to hear the sound. I am based in one of the more modern (largely expat) communities so there aren't as many Mosques here, but in the older part of town the "Adhan" was inescapable. The place I used to work was located there and walking home from the office you would be bombarded from all directions with various loudspeakers blaring. Again it was a quite fascinating experience.

You hear more on this time of year as we are in Ramadan at the moment. When attending the traditional Iftar evening meal where Muslims break their fast, you can enjoy some Arabic folk music usually from just one guy sitting playing the Oud and singing, sometimes more of a band format. What they are singing about I am not sure, it could be something religious or maybe just the usual kind of folk tale subjects about rural life, boys and girls, etc. I enjoy this sound quite a lot as well, but have never really looked into it in any detail.

Here are few examples of the stuff I mean:

Jul 01, 2015, 16:27


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