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Best albums of 2015
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Re: Best albums of 2015

Some reasons why I have no idea about the hits of 2015:

"Reflection is non-stop pop-R&B perfection in three-and-a-half minute bursts of hooks, horns and homage (to Mariah, 2pac and Beyoncé, naturally). Girl power hasn't been this fun in years."

"In a year dominated by Big Statement rap albums, Father's Who's Gonna Get Fucked First? says deuces to all that high-minded shit. The album's 12 tracks detail drug-heavy debauchery, music industry bullshit and violent fantasies; no two songs sound alike, and the sonic references bound from 'Tipsy' to 'Oye Mi Canto'. It's an Awful party, and everyone's either gonna get shot or commit suicide - what else did you expect?"

"But Art Angels sees Grimes evolve, Pokemon-style, from the insular bedroom-pop of her breakthrough into a one-woman wrecking crew."

"the ghost of 2pac tells Lamar at the album's close"

"A gooey, twitching collection of club tracks filled with dream-like vocals"

"FKA Twigs"

I just don't care about any of this empty poser rubbish. I don't care about clothes and feel despondent about the focus on fashion. I don't care about millionaires and those that aspire to be a millionaire or dress like a millionaire or hang out with millionaires. What happened to alternative culture?

Dec 20, 2015, 13:03


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