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Best albums of 2015
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Re: Best albums of 2015

deadlyfingers wrote:
hito wrote:
...What happened to alternative culture?

This is a fascinating question, Hito. I would argue that it doesn't really exist anymore:

Back in the days when we only had a limited number of choices for our TV and radio consumption, there was an easily identifiable 'mainstream' culture. Artists who were rebellious enough to play a different game and not seek airplay on the mainstream stations were a part of the counter-culture. Those were simple times.

Nowadays, all of that is totally obsolete. There's not much of a monolithic institution to rebel against. Look at Justin Bieber - the dude built his fame with a self-produced YouTube channel and a small community of fans, which is about as punk rock as it gets, except... Well, you know. We're all too old to wrap our minds around it.

Thanks for your post. You make a number of good points about the way that it is marketed now and the blurring of the lines. It is harder to rebel against the music industry I suppose.
I am not sure that there isn't something to rebel against. I am also not sure that there could not be an alternative culture if there wasn't. I guess I just think there are or should be some people who despise glamour, wealth, "partying" at "the club" and people who think "Mariah, 2pac and Beyoncé" are "naturally" a load of crap. I think that kind of music is appalling and find it hard to understand why serious critics or people who like good music would have even two seconds to waste listening to that spray-tan-salon fodder.
I have a real problem with consumerism and ostentatious displays of wealth. I think there should be a culture that rebels against that. I would think in this day and age, good music should be associated with something better than a woman who married Sony records and now dates a fat billionaire.

Dec 25, 2015, 14:14


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