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"Flashing Noise Mix" by Tim - what's on it?
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Re: Tracklist

Cosmos Twins wrote:
OK thanks to Shazam for everything apart from the two tracks I actually recognised, here is the tracklisting, minus a few gaps it couldn't cope with. A lot of unfamiliar stuff to me including a couple of 60s psych tracks I've not heard before that are knockout, by Lori Balmer and The Excelsior Spring. The William Sheller track is right up my 'straße' too, and of course off-the=scale rare.

01 Terrence Dixon - Mono to Mono
02 Lux Aeterna Introit - William Sheller
03 Veni Sancte Spiritus - Ennio Morricone
04 ???
05 Circuitous - African Sciences
06 Don't Diss the Beat - Gherkin Jerks
07 Zohar - Zao
08 ???
09 Matrioska (Unik Remix) - Pedro Goya
10 Cyclone Fence - The Duke St Workshop
11 ???
12 Pop'eclectic - Bernard Parmegiani
13 Perspective II (Baader Meinhof Blues) - Heldon
14 Keep On Keeping On - NF Porter
15 ???
16 Midi Beats - Gherkin Jerks
17 Public Fun - Richard H Kirk
18 30.03 (Original Mix) - Alessain Main
19 Suis-Je Normale - Nini Raviolette
20 Four Faces West - Lori Balmer
21 Rolling Upon My Day - Dome
22 The Night - Franki Valli
23 It - The Excelsior Spring
24 That's the One - Gregory Phillips


Cool to see Zao on there. Zeuhl iss de hundin!

And not one but TWO Larry Heard tracks as well (Gherkin Jerks that is). Not my fave project of his, but nice inclusion :)

I haven't heard the CD, but checked out a couple of these in youtube. The William Sheller track is pretty good.

Feb 23, 2016, 19:49