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Broadcast forum is officially closed. :'(
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Broadcast forum is officially closed. :'(

Hi all,
With no way to contact members of that forum, most of whom were writing on it for many years, I only can write on here, and hope that some see it and add their thoughts. I may find some other places to spread the news as well to the community.

James has confirmed that it is the end of it.

I tried my best, wrote to him on facebook a couple times, which he kindly responded to. The first time he said he was not sure what happened with the forum, he suspected it might be to do with subscription fees. He said he'd try and get Warp to look into it. So he didn't shut it down unceremoniously on purpose without warning.

Next time I wrote I even offered to put my two cents in with Warp if it would make any difference. Not that it would, but I just wanted to do everything I possibly could and in every way I could let him know that the Broadcast community hoped that it would not be shut down. I may write one more time to express how much we do care and how much it will be missed.

I use the word community, because even though we were not all personal friends, or friends with James, we were a community. We were a great resource to each other, I found out about so much music to listen to on there, I'll always be grateful for that. It wasn't so active anymore, but it would get active when there was any news, it ebbed and flowed.

I regret not having the opportunity to gather some links. For instance of live shows, someone put up a link to their cloud with a really extensive collection for instance. Maybe someone has it and can post it here? There were other bands that wrote on there too who were fans of Broadcast.

I also think it was a mistake for James to do this. It was the main way many people found out about any new project he was involved with. I don't know how vigilant I will be in hunting down that information now. Not sure how soon I would have known about Berberian Sound Studio for instance, and the magazine article in Shindig, though those were pretty well known. New projects however might go under the radar for many people, new articles, new links.

It is a sad day. I will write more but have to get to work!

Mar 09, 2016, 15:53


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