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Green Screen...gone?!
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Re: Green Screen...gone?!

I was a little bit surprised there had been no election chat on the forum till now. I guess it was discussed on the green screen, but I've always just stayed put here on the pink (and formerly green) screen.

Quite frankly, I find the thought of America having to choose between Trump or Clinton pretty scary. Sanders is an unknown quantity to me, however his chances do seem a bit slim at this stage.

Anyone can be the president of USA, or so they say. I guess it helps a lot if you're a billionaire celebrity, or the wife of a former president....

Doesn't really matter which party they represent, the Clinton dynasty is just as objectionable as the Bush one in my eyes. So many allegations of shady dealings (not to mention the mysterious trail of death) surrounding them. Whether or not some of the more lurid stories which circulate are true, I can't believe the American people would even consider her fit for the post of president (no offense CP). Anyway I'm not an American and therefore not as deeply invested, so pay no mind on what I may say. I wish you all the best of luck whatever the outcome.

Jun 05, 2016, 17:35


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