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Green Screen...gone?!
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Re: Green Screen...gone?!

Kazak wrote:
There're plenty of issues with Clinton which actually do exist, without even having to touch on all the manufactured hatred from the right, which, granted, does exist and gets swallowed whole by the masses. As senator, she showed abysmal judgment in voting FOR the Iraq War. She showed abysmal judgement by voting FOR The Patriot Act. She's aligned toward Wall Street and any number of Big Money interests, Big Pharma, private health insurance industry, the private prison industry, Big Oil, to name but a few. You'll never see significant progress under Clinton, Big Money can't have it. Sanders' proposals are not pie in the sky, but the establishment is desperate to convince us they are. We really can apply a tax to Wall Street speculations to pay for college for everyone. Cyberpainter and I really did bail out Wall Street, now they can step up and bail us out. We just need a leader with the gumption to make it actually happen. We really can raise taxes on the wealthy elite and pay for healthcare for everyone. We just need a leader that is aligned toward us, not Big Money interests to make it happen. The only ones stopping us from doing these things are us. It's infuriating. Our way of life is not sustainable, which necessarily means we're heading for a cliff. We have one candidate who wants to accelerate toward the cliff, one that wants to flirt dangerously on the edge of the cliff, and one who wants to sensibly steer us away from the cliff. I wouldn't care so much if my own kids weren't buckled up in the back seat. It's gross.

Kaz, great thoughts but not always based in facts. Yes she voted for that horrid war, which I hate and she regretted. Sanders however, voted for regime change in Iraq...TWICE, and never backed down from his vote or said he regretted. Voted for lots of other war stuff too. Cherry picking makes your candidate look great, but it's not based in a fair assessment of who he is.

Claiming she is aligned with big moneyed interest is another over arching theme. Does she need their money? Of course, does that mean she will not do anything except what they want? No. In congress she leaned left in relation to other democrats. She takes money for her candidacy like just about every politician. It's hypocritical to vote for Obama who did the same, and say you would never vote for Clinton who is to the left of Obama in policy platform, and further you claim she would be heading us toward a cliff. In addition, if you hate Obama's policies now because they aren't liberal enough, remember that as secretary of state she was bound to do his bidding. Her platform is more left of his. Was she pushed there further by Sanders? Of course, which is great.

I wonder if you'd vote for her if Warren is her running mate?

And I wonder if many of the self-righteous Sanders supporters will get behind the Democratic platform, or allow Trump to get dangerously close to winning? That would be the height of stupidity. If they are that stupid, maybe we deserve Trump. I realize you understand that your vote won't count in your state, so I'm not referring to you specifically.

I consider your comments directed at me as hurtful and belittling. And bringing Stereolab into it was below the belt. I can understand Laetitia's point of view and appreciate it, but it has been more idealism than singing about specific policies. But your heart is in the right place, and I hope for all our sakes that Trump doesn't win.

Jun 06, 2016, 02:30


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