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Green Screen...gone?!
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Mu Mu
Mu Mu
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Re: Green Screen...gone?!

GaryB2 wrote:

Did Trump not say he'd bring all the troops home? That sounds like a plan.

He's also said he would carpet bomb Syria, use more extreme torture methods than were being used (ie waterboarding at al) and kill the families and children of terrorists.

The thing with Trump is he says so much, he talks so much, that he contradicts himself constantly, and you have no idea what the guy actually will/would do if he were president.

Colbert made a film clip of Trump arguing with Trump, through his past statements. The man will literally say anything at any time, for more power.

GaryB2 wrote:
He's getting portrayed as a joke figure over here. A right wing loony.

There's not enough rich, white folks to vote him in, surely?

I hope not, but, you know, those old white people, they vote, all of em, if we could get the rest of the population, the young and minorities to vote, that would make such a huge difference.

Jun 06, 2016, 22:56


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