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Green Screen...gone?!
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Re: Green Screen...gone?!

Kazak wrote:
I'm an asshole.

Hey! Me too!

I respect your passion, man, but I think that it has occasionally gotten the better of you here. Sue has a hell of a point: you're never going to change anyone's mind by yelling at them or calling them stupid.

I agree with most of your takes on Bernie. I want his voice to be heard, and I want him to play a big part in setting our nation's legislative agenda. However, I don't think he's the guy that I want handling our foreign policy, and I don't see any evidence that he's seriously prepared for the task of managing our enormous federal bureaucracy. Simple as that.

Finally: this is the most active thread that we've had in a really long time. I hope that the hard feelings don't run too deep and we can all be happy that we still have this great place available to us.

Jun 07, 2016, 05:11


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