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Green Screen...gone?!
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Re: historic moment

First woman candidate for president, that will not be denied. It is a fact. It IS historic.

She spent a day in congress addressing the email bullshit, we saw the partisan vitriol, and her calm and strength under fire. She was awesome, and totally WON that day. There is no denying that. They are after her, there is no way you can deny it is political and to try to get her to lose an election, they have been caught admitting it. You get suckered right into it because you want her to be guilty, you want it so badly you can taste it. You have hatred that you may claim is based on her illegal acts and her connection with the 1%, but you believe what you want to believe. Your "facts" are hearsay and conjecture for the most part.

Your candidate lost. Get over it and move on. Sanders is going to help. You may hate that, but it's also a fact. So is your favorite female candidate.

Jun 11, 2016, 06:45


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