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Re: historic moment

Hey Kaz. I'm laughing with you, because I know I've gotten into it with you in the past, and unfortunately I remember you using an argument once that, paraphrasing here, I shouldn't be for a certain thing, because being for that thing is what the other side wants. I'm sorry, I know that's like 8-10 years ago, and to be honest you were the most fair person I was discussing with in the whole debate, but it was precisely that logic that turned me off of politics, hope in humanity, the future, etc. And it's precisely that logic which is now being employed by folks "encouraging" everyone to get into the tent and support the presumptive nominee, cough.

I'm actually looking quite forward to November (at fucking last already), because I look forward to the chaos of splitting the vote. And don't think for a second that traditional elephants won't abandon the elephant nominee. Depending on what Bernie does leading up to the convention and November, everything is still possible. I respect your passion and mostly agree with your thoughts, but don't think it's over... that's what the rig-bait zombifiers have wanted everyone to think for the entire interminable election season. Bernie's still in, and if he's out, I will be voting for a woman and her name is Jill.

Jun 12, 2016, 00:20


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