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Your All Time Favourite.... Beatles
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Re: Your All Time Favourite.... Beatles

GaryB2 wrote:
Don't know the Seeds! Sounds nice!

Man, your musical knowledge is just incredible. Seriously.

Yup, the Seeds are ace. Check their second album as well which was also from 1966 (they had fast turnaround times in those days!), "A Web of Sound".

Heheh, as far as musical knowledge goes my nerd level may be high but it's not like I could rhyme off the matrix numbers of all the first pressings etc, like some people. Most of the above artists can be found on "Nuggets" box set (which was my first exposure in some cases, and led to me exploring further). I only really know stuff about the areas I'm interested in, I'm sure anyone off the street could beat me in a pub quiz! My pop music knowledge runs out around the mid 90s. I'd do well in the 80s round though :D

Jun 09, 2016, 06:20


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