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Bernie Sanders for president, still!
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Bernie Sanders for president, still!

The American people are being force fed a horrible choice between bad and bad. It's not too late for the Democratic Party's anti-democratic superdelegates to see what kind of mess we're walking into, what with the FBI director Comey's blasting Hillary Clinton's blatant lies to the American people, and with that the realization that she's perjured herself before congress, but even with these revelations, can they be counted on to switch? I fear not. They want their establishment shill at any cost. Oil companies gonna oil company. Or, Sanders can still always run third party. He's the independent darling and the independents are currently the largest party in the country, eclipsing both the dems and pugs to my surprise. Hopefully he'll inject some measure of sanity into the process. God, colloquially, I hope.


Jul 11, 2016, 04:35


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