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WTB - Stereolab Cassettes
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Re: WTB - Stereolab Cassettes

GaryB2 wrote:
thomas2 wrote:
Nice vid. but that guy thinks vinyl is great so his credibility is highly compromised before he even takes his first breath!

Tapes were great back in the day. But "the day" is long gone!

Is it not generally accepted that vinyl on a decent turntable sounds 'the best'?

Assuming that we are comparing the same master on both CD and vinyl, for the second to sound superior you need to have a quality pressing with no defects (also cleaned to remove static and dust) and a high end turntable and cartridge (with a stylus in good condition). Otherwise I think the CD on a good quality player sounds better.
I am a lover and a collector of vinyl and I own a mid/high end HI-FI system, but I play CDs more often than records.

Aug 02, 2016, 10:03