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study of the lab
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study of the lab

hey all.
this is odd.
I dont really know how to even say this.
were all fans here of course, but are there any here that have come to the conclusion that the music of sterolab has much more then what is initially heard?

Are there any here that have studied it by hundreds of repeated listens and have realized that there is an undercurrent that is almost hidden until ones brain is almost hytnotized into a state of sedation..almost like a love drug.

Ive found myself almost high while I listen in headphones to it.

I find it quite amazing not only the music itself being so masterfully executed and recorded.
But also the amount of material the band managed to release.

And the fact that it can appeal to many different types of listeners is really something too.

Even if they never release any new music the body of work and legacy left is almost unreal.
Am I alone here...probably not.
thanks for reading

Aug 26, 2016, 06:34