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Cavern of Anti-Matter at Dingwalls
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Cosmos Twins
Cosmos Twins
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Cavern of Anti-Matter at Dingwalls

Great gig last night here in London. Tim and co were on fine form and raced through a set that with only a couple of slowies maintained an energy and intensity that took me right back to the old days. It was helped by fantastic sound and a different set list from their gig earlier in the year at the Moth Club, which included a track or two from Blood Drums, and also the new single I'm the Unknown, which sounded better than on record, more muscular and hooky.

And Martin had copies of the new 12! Apart from the main track which has been released, the other two tracks are almost polar extremes of the CoAM sound. Forest of Drums is, as you'd expect from the title, a drum machine work-out, no melody, just 7 minutes of interweaving drum patterns, not dissimilar to some of the tracks on Blood Drums like Invocation Melody in C, Rotation and Particle Density in D (never realised until I wrote that the similarity in those titles) and Blood-Drums Machine. But the standout track is '...traces'. A warm, repetitive, drumless synth track that sounds like Cluster or something off Ralf and Florian (particularly Elektrisches Roulette or Tanzmusik). Or alternatively the penultimate section of the long version of Blue Milk. Or like he's taken the first opening bars of This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us and extended it into a five and a half minute remix. Echoes of In C by Terry Riley there too, or even Church of Anthrax, the LP he did with John Cale.

Even better Tim has taken to writing pseudonymous setlists again! Unfortunately I can't match any of these to the actual songs apart from the first which was Tardis Cymbals (I was too busy enjoying the gig) but here's what they played:

James Insect
Witchd (I assume this was meant to say Witched?)
Arp Art
Roland Seq
Arp Attack
James 2 Void


Sep 21, 2016, 18:01