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Laetitia & co at the Lexington (17th Oct)
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jeff w
jeff w
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Laetitia & co at the Lexington (17th Oct)

A very enjoyable gig last night. The headliner was Giorgio Tuma and his band. I believe this was his first ever gig in the UK. Inevitably, it was difficult to reproduce the lushness of his last album in a live setting - the band came over as much like a miserable goth rock act as anything. But there were occasional moments of beauty, and Giorgio is up there in the pantheon of drummer-vocalists at least. Laetitia came up on stage to sing "Maude Hope" with the band to close the set.

Laetitia was the main support act, playing solo except as noted below. I've seen her twice already this year so was expecting a familiar set. It started off that way but, half way through, BAM! three new songs. (N.B. titles were mumbled a bit so I may have mis-heard/spelt.) "The Woman With The Invisible Necklace" was introduced as a political song, and was fast with lots of rapid chord changes. "Lock, Captain" is a warped love song and featured guest Man From Uranus - who's also currently in Vanishing Twin, fact fans - accompanying Laetitia on synthesiser. Finally, "Galactic Amorescence" was a more traditional love song in a similar vein to the slower songs on Something Shines. For meanchico's benefit, I can also confirm that L looked fabulous, with an almost Beatle-ish mop top hairstyle and wearing a shimmery silver top.

Jogging back, first on stage was Deerful aka Emma Winston, who sings and accompanies herself with keys + semi-glitchy beats. She also performed a couple of tunes accompanied only by a Gameboy console, in order to reproduce the sounds on her new "chiptune" EP, 'Home' - which I recommend you listen to (and hopefully buy) via her bandcamp page:

Finally, Marie from Monade's new band, Iko Chérie, drew the biggest and most enthusiastic crowd of the night (i.e. about half the audience was composed of their friends, as they readily admitted). But they fully deserved the reaction they got - the trio has come on leaps and bounds since I last saw them six months ago.

Oct 18, 2016, 13:50