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President Trump?
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Re: President Trump?

It was a rough week for me last week as I opposed Trump. I did not necessarily approve of Hillary but I thought she was the safer choice. I tend to support free trade and politicians that do things to allow business to create jobs. A lot of his populist policies were rhetoric thrown at resentful Midwest blue collar workers. I am hoping he has some plan to negotiate and I stress negotiate better trade deals for the US that allow us to stimulate some production here again. There will be a lot of backlash if Trump tries to put together deportation forces; especially in large metros. Many undocumented workers in large metros and even rural areas contribute a large % to GNP to fill jobs and also purchase goods and services. It's hard to tell how the next 180 days will turn out but I'm way too busy trying to keep my own head above water and support my family so peace out.

Nov 18, 2016, 04:12


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