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Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble
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Re: Find Me Finding You

Did a song-by-song rundown of my take on it:

Undying Love For Humanity – One of the most inspired songs I’ve heard from Laetitia. This is what we all want from her and I was slightly sad this type of sound wasn’t continued throughout. Really a remarkable song. I find myself thinking about it and humming it a lot.

Double Voice, Extra Voice – I like how she plays with the vocal arrangements in this song. It starts out in a simple, confessional fashion and slowly blooms. For being a bit all over the place, it has a certain ease to it…I suppose she always has a certain ease to her work.

Love Captive – Slow and wistful. Laetitia does duets so well. Her voice pairs well with many. Certainly could be a very telling song based on the lyrics (open relationships?). This isn’t the first we’ve heard about long-distance relationship frustrations.

Psychology Active (Finding You) – I think this is my least favorite song off the album. As it builds, the sound of the lyrics starts to get that distinct “must fit these words in the music” feeling that later Stereolab had when she would just be sent songs to lay down vocals for. I’ve always thought Laetitia’s vocals are strongest when she doesn’t sing quickly. Her vocals are so much stronger when she draws out her words more. It’s such an exceptional voice and deserves the room to breathe. The slow/fast/slow/fast rhythm is just kind of weird here.

Committed – I get major Silencio moments in this song (and throughout the album). Seems like more of a transition than a song.

Reflectors – A very strong song. It feels like it’s in motion and moving forward. Lyrics lead me to believe she was at a turning point when writing this album. The drawn out high notes in the middle of the song are heavenly.

Deep Background – Pleasant song that doesn’t seem like one I’ll ever develop a lot of strong feelings about. She talks about “takers” in it. Who’s that?

Galactic Emergence – The signature jangly Laetitia guitar sounds. All French, so I’m not sure what her message is. I mostly just think about the sounds and how they remind me of moments from prior albums (Monade to solo). It sounds like a handful were patched together. I like how she sings in this song.

The Woman with the Invisible Necklace – The clapping elements and “AH!” sounds are great. Kind of ties back to the opener in a way. The album picks up again here.

Sacred Project – Clearly written to be a closing track and it works well. It kind of sounds like birds and bugs buzzing and swirling around. “No opposite of love, no opposite of life.” Is she thinking about balance? Yin-yang? Whatever it is, it sounds lovely coming from her. I like how Laetitia wistfully sings her wordless vocals at the quiet end.

It’s been about a week of listening to the album. It’s definitely getting better the more familiar I get with it. I don't think I'll become as fond of it as Silencio or Monstre Cosmic (my personal favorite solo-ish effort), but that's ok. Her voice is what’s most important to me and I’m happy she continues to create music, collaborate and tour. She keeps getting better and better as far as live performances go.

Mar 30, 2017, 22:29


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