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Stereo Lab - Dots and Loops
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Re: Stereo Lab - Dots and Loops

The CD was released on Strange Fruit, who used to do all the Peel Session albums. Little bit disappointing that it was a CD only release, perhaps they felt there wasn't enough demand for vinyl...?

The space limitation across two CDs would make sense, doesn't seem like there would be any licensing conflicts since they were all BBC recordings, plus the groop were on the same record labels for the tracks which came before and after. A vinyl release would have been nice, although maybe a bit pricey....they could have fitted the entire sessions over 8 sides, an even bigger package than Aluminum Tunes!

I have a few other old Peel sessions LPs lurking in the collection....Teenage Fanclub, Unseen Terror and Carcass on vinyl, as well as the "Hardcore Holocaust" compilation CD featuring Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower, Doctor and the Crippens, Extreme Noise Terror, etc. Plus BOC & Plaid CDs (released on Warp). Still have quite a few old C90s with stuff taped live off the radio too, stashed away in a box somewhere. Peel always had such diverse taste, listening to his show was a treat as you never knew what was coming next. Introduced me to a lot of great music :)

Fun fact: The Fall recorded more sessions for John Peel than any other band....24 in total, which were released as a six (!) CD box set.

Feb 18, 2017, 17:55


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