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coming out of a haitus
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coming out of a haitus

of listening to stereolab's songs (roughly about a year ago when i was a bit annoyed by hearing anything from them), i must say that i am more capable of understand why i loved them in the first place.

i admit that i have less patience for the more avant garde works but find it easier for myself to enjoy the more poppy tunes. it is not an implication of saying their more experimental stuff are pretentious but perhaps a different state of mind I am having now compared to a 5-6 years ago when I would listen to work like bluemilk all day.

i also can see it clearer now why the songs in not music didn't make it to chemical chord.

for the longest time i thought the alernative version of 'you used to call me sadness' was better but that's not true anymore. i miss mary.

time for a reunion don't you all think?

Mar 01, 2017, 06:21