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Stereolab Live in Berkeley '93
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Re: Stereolab Live in Berkeley '93 wrote:
cyberpainter wrote:
Nice. I am desperately seeking live stuff from 2008 - recording or DVD. I have a pretty reliable source so if I land some I will definitely share it.

Yeah Koly doesn't have much up for that year. I have Irving Plaza downloaded, do you have that? Audio only, pretty decent quality.

I don't see the Irving plaza show on Koly's site and no I don't have it. It's weird there are not that many shows from that tour when there were so many shows from the 90's shows available. It was right before smart phone technology really exploded so there weren't very many people with good recording devices on their phones.[/quote]

Ok, I can email you with a link this weekend. I'm still working from two computers my new and my ancient one, and haven't put everything on the new one yet that I need. I've been lazy and have two stacked up for months now, heh.

Koly used to have more, I downloaded a bunch when he was going to shut it down last time. But not sure where I got this actually. You still have that email address um that's your profile name?? :)

Apr 13, 2017, 04:25