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Re: ETK vs ME

Stereo Mouse wrote:
Both are fantastic albums, but ETK is a solid favourite. Having said that, not listened to ME for ages. Hope to do so soon. It is still the best post-Mary album.

And yes, the band always transitioned for the most part. They always changed between 1991-2004, it wasn't until Fab Four Suture when it felt the Groop was repeating itself and while the Chemical Chords/Not Music combo was solid enough, I can understand while Tim stopped doing the Groop thing: it was no longer possible to find a fresh angle in the same format after years and years and years of doing so. They became a bit typecast as a band doing a certain thing in different variatons and I guess Tim wanted to go back to his Krautrock/industrial roots: hence CoAM.

I think another reason why Tim gave up is financial. Why bother doing the group thing when no one cares? I recall reading that Margerine sold 40000 copies. Considering the quality of the music, that's just absurd.

Apr 26, 2017, 02:46