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Re: ETK vs ME

matthew6 wrote:
I think another reason why Tim gave up is financial. Why bother doing the group thing when no one cares? I recall reading that Margerine sold 40000 copies. Considering the quality of the music, that's just absurd.

Absurd indeed, although we must remember this was almost 15 years ago. The widespread adoption of streaming services since then has seen sales fall even further. By today's standards, 40,000 album sales might be seen as a pretty good result?

Stereolab were around for more than quarter of a century, and during this time the rise of the internet had a huge impact on the music biz. When groop started out, relatively smaller artists could still shift a reasonable amount of records. Buying the physical copy was the only way to listen (unless a friend bought it and taped you a copy), and there were far less bands out there competing for attention.

I think these days it's very hard for artists to sell many copies (physical or digital). Unless you are at the level of an Adel or Ed Sheeran or something, then it's really tough to make a living from album sales. I assume now for less mainstream acts it's become more of a hobby than a way to make a living (unless you get lucky and have some tracks licensed for TV, movies, ads, etc).

A (hugely talented) friend of mine had a track included on one of the most popular Spotify playlists last year, which resulted in over 3 million plays over the course of a few weeks. To put that in perspective, when I checked the groop's most popular tracks have around half this number of plays. Of course it's great exposure, and presumably a lot of listeners will have had a listen to his other stuff too (there was an overall increase in play counts for other tracks, but not nearly to the same extent). Over the couple of months this was happening, he received around $200 USD per month from Spotify.

Apr 26, 2017, 21:46