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Re: ETK vs ME

matthew6 wrote:
It's ME for me

This isn't even a question for me. One had the group in full swing, the other was patched together after the loss of one of their stars.
I don't know if I have ever listened to ME in one go. If I did, I am sure I started thinking about some errands I had to run or chores that lay ahead. There isn't a memorable song on it.
Compare this with an album full of punchy melodies and clever lyrics.
Of course, I am biased because - like LCD Soundsystem - I was there when ETK came out. By two thousand and bore, I had had my fill of a great dynasty stemming from Mars Audiac Quintet (the real start of the new era, even though there are some great moments earlier), into ETK, Dots and Loops, Cobra and ending with Sound Dust. Margarine Eclipse was like an album of B-Sides with none of the punch of Stereolab's previously awesome B-sides like Cadriopo, Seeperbold, With Friends like these, Young Lungs and Speedy Car.It's a lumbering, bloated hash that puffs "three stars" long after five "five star" albums and a plethora compilations that wouldn't even sneeze at Margarine Eclipse. Even the name? Margarine? Is there any less enticing a product to evoke as the title of an album?

May 07, 2017, 13:09