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Lager vs Ale?
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Re: Lager vs Ale?

matthew6 wrote:
cyberpainter wrote:
I'm mostly fond of IPAs and stouts.

Yikes. I find IPAs undrinkable. I am definitely a Lager guy. An ice cold Lager. A good Ale is good too of course.

Definitely a sipper. It takes a good half hour to get through a pint.

I used to think that about IPA too, but there are so many good ones now from California. Many have very little bitter taste, some are piney, or floral-y, many citrus-y. There's such a variety of hops, plus they sometimes add a bit of other flavors. Some are terrible of course too. But there are probably thousands of them now. I've grown accustomed to the bitterness and like it ok now.

Apr 28, 2017, 05:26