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Switched on Volume 4?
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Re: Switched on Volume 4?

I'm getting old and my mind is starting to fail, so forgive me if I'm repeating a debate that we had years ago. Is there a consensus regarding which 'Switched On' volume this next one would be?

"Switched On"
[singles & EPs, 1991]

"Refried Ecroplasm (Switched On, Vol 2)"
[singles & EPs & misc, 1992-95]

"Aluminum Tunes (Switched On, Vol 3)"
[singles & EPs & misc, 1994-1997]

"Oscillations from the Anti-Sun"
[singles & EPs, 1993-2001]

"Fab Four Suture"
[singles, 2005-2006]

In my mind, "Oscillations" doesn't make sense as anything but Vol 4, while "Fab Four" sort of feels like its own different animal... but then it's also pretty similar in scope to the oringinal. Are we on number 4, 5, or 6?

May 06, 2017, 04:52