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People get music for free - detrimental to artists?
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Re: People get music for free - detrimental to artists?

If you like the stuff you downloaded for free, then buy it to support the artists who make your life a little better, unless the said artists are already rich and popular.

Artists who are already rich should give their stuff to those who enjoy it. That's the ultimate purpose of art. George Michael and Radiohead already did this, so why can't the other do the same?

For example, I never felt ashamed to "steal" Pink Floyd stuff. Nick Mason collects sport cars and David Gilmour collects airplanes... they don't need no more money! However, I don't hesitate to pay for stuff by less popular bands that I like: Stereolab, Magma (more than 300 bucks spent on their stuff in the last few months), BoC, etc..

Oct 08, 2008, 11:22


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