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People get music for free - detrimental to artists?
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Re: People get music for free - detrimental to artists?

Well, IMO it depends.
It surely is detrimental to artists like Stereolab who always had moderate sales and now might have their moderate sales cut by half, including the fact they don't do "hard sell"...
I think the biggest problem related to things being free is the fact people don't have to listen to same record more than once. When people buy discs and spend money on them, they'll always give their $$$ a second chance. Now, it's only a matter of hitting the delete button. OK, every now and then we rediscover some long lost file lurking on our HDs, but that's not the same.
I do believe music has worsened even more because of the Internet. Before, one would have to please disc jockeys (or not) to get exposure, now you have 30 seconds, maybe one minute to make an impression, otherwise it's the next on the playlist. Yes, it is far more democratic, but also way more stupid. New bands are much more focused on selling their image than making good music. That sucks.

Oct 09, 2008, 04:41


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