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People get music for free - detrimental to artists?
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Re: People get music for free - detrimental to artists?

Stereolab has done what it has done that being in the past. As for now Stereolab is touring, producing CDs, vinyl records...What other avenues can they explore to increase their revenues? Commercial advertising would presumably go against Laetita?s values. What about videos? In either case I believe that royalties are paid for each time the video is shown. What about a line of clothing endorsed by Laetitia? What about owning studios and leasing them out to start up bands? If Laetitia is looking for more income then she is apparently not ready for retirement. Getting older, touring will eventually become more difficult. Having the second band Monade was a good step but she eventually will need to explore more avenues of revenues.

Oct 09, 2008, 15:26


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