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People get music for free - detrimental to artists?
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Re: Thats a silly question

Cheeso wrote:
Of course its detrimental to artists.

It's theft. Period.

No amount of silly arguments about someone collecting sports cars or airplanes makes it less than theft. Thats what it is.

Don't ge me wrong, I'm not making a moral judgement. I download stuff myself, all the time. But its theft, and I know it.

And why should artists give away their work for free? The ultimate goal of art is not for others to enjoy it. The ultimate goal of art is self-expression. You don't work for free, why should anyone else? People put their time and effort into creating music, they should be rewarded.

So, to you, there is no difference between an artist who can collect airplanes and an artist who can barely survive?

Yes, I don't work for free, because I need the few money I make in order to survive and buy me a little comfort in life, but if I had more than enough money, I would gladly work for free. At that point, the reward from my work would be something else than monetary, that's all.

About the ultimate goal of art you mentioned (self experssion), what is the difference between an artist expressing himself in front of an audience of a few people and an audience of a few million people? It's still self-expression if your audience is just a single person, right? Some even say that artists doesn't need audience at all... If self experssion is the ultimate goal of art, then no audience, a small or a huge audience would make no difference to the artist, right?

I don't know, I am not an artist. But I suppose that most artists want their creations to be seen/heard by as many people as possible... What better way to achieve this than giving your art for free, then? Of course, you need money to survive, but what should you do when you reach a point where you won't have financial worries for the rest of your days? Maybe then it's time to stop hoarding...Maybe then stealing from people who keep on hoarding more than they need isn't such a bad thing...

Oct 10, 2008, 20:30


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