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People get music for free - detrimental to artists?
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Stereo Mouse
Stereo Mouse
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Re: Thats a silly question

Kazak wrote:
I don't necessarily disagree, but it begs the question of how you might regard certain other scenarios. For instance, how do you feel someone about loaning their purchased CDs to friends? Theft? How about resale of used CDs? Shouldn't that be the most egregious form of theft? Profit is actually made! It goes on and on... Radio? Etc.

Can't speak for Cheeso, but puritanism tends to cancel out way too many options, now that you think about it. Never be puritanical: use whatever options are available. I definitely disagree that profit might be made with resale of records. Records don't usually appreciate in value over time, unless you are speaking of rare vinyls that can earn you a fortune on ebay. And also, radio broadcasting can create some revenue: an artist could be paid royalties for his music played on the air. Loaning the records can be a kind of a gift economy like the abovementioned filesharing, provided that two friends loan records between each other. Cancel all these options out and you'll be bereft of music altogether, should you no longer be able to afford buying albums.

Oct 10, 2008, 21:54


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