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People get music for free - detrimental to artists?
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Re: Thats a silly question

Kazak wrote:
I don't necessarily disagree, but it begs the question of how you might regard certain other scenarios. For instance, how do you feel someone about loaning their purchased CDs to friends? Theft? How about resale of used CDs? Shouldn't that be the most egregious form of theft? Profit is actually made! It goes on and on... Radio? Etc.

Stricly speaking, from a legal sense, loaning cd's to friends is ok, because, unless they've made a copy of it, they've not violated any laws. Reselling used cds, on the other hand, violates laws, and record companies and artists have tried to stop it in the past.

Radio pays royalties to artists. And they have one or more licenses to play that music. That's part of what all that ASCAP/BMI shit is.

Every record/cd/cassette/8-track I've ever bought had written on it somewhere, "Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws." As I recall, the license allows you to copy the music for yourself. Anything other than that, I guess, ain't kosher.

Of course, I'm not talking about feelings, just the facts, ma'am.

Oct 10, 2008, 22:16


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