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New Slowdive
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chemistry set
chemistry set
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Re: New Slowdive

Yeah, I'm in total agreement on all points... especially on a groop reunion if it could be done even half as well.

Re: 'Golden Hair', you make a fair point. However, I tend to view that track in two parts or mini movements: 1) a cover of the Syd Barrett piece which lasts about 1:30, and 2) the rest, which seems to be original to Slowdive as far as I can tell. Then that second half melts right into 'Shine', which has the same melody/progression. It's really that second part that for me is one of most sublime pieces of music that I've ever heard, and the juxtaposition with the Barrett tune takes it to another level. On top of that, I'm not a Syd Barrett fan so don't think very much of the original. And the fact that the lyrics are pulled from a James Joyce poem makes it that much more intriguing.

If you haven't seen them live since their reunion, then check out the live performance of 'Golden Hair' from the 2014 Pitchfork Festival on youtube. It's a much extended variation, which fortunately they played as well when I saw them last year. Totally amazing.

Re: chemistry set: no, I'm not familiar with that band. I will have to check them out. To be honest the story behind this handle is rather obtuse, long, and a bit dumb.

May 09, 2017, 23:31