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Where you stand as a fan?
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Re: Where you stand as a fan?

cyberpainter wrote:
matthew6 wrote:
cyberpainter wrote:

I've tried not to say much about this, as I love Laetitia wholeheartedly, but I lean toward Tim's music. Even so, I like some of each of their output immensely, but not all. Whereas when they were together, I liked just about all of it.

What do you think of Next Time I See You?

That seems to be the closest thing we will get to a Lab song from now on.

You mean Next Time You See Me.


Tim has some that are very lab-like also. The Other Voices single makes me very happy!

you made a good point about where tim and laetitia are as active musicians of today. i know i am gonna sound harsh but none of them are making anything even 15% as good/interesting as the stuff they made together (of course with some other very important members). us fans are still looking for the trace of the broken stereolab's sound here and there and it will stay that way until they finally reunite. i was a fan of monade but even that got old much quicker than any lab's songs. i think the last good thing laetitia did music wise was tha song with giorgio tuma.

personally i revisit stereolab music weekly but not as passionated as i used to be. i used to care so much about which album is the overall best but i have been super tired of listening to an album from top to the bottom. the songs that i found myself still very much into are rainbo conversation, you used to call me sadness, the free design, super falling star and percolator. not that i don't like/love listening to the rest of their songs but i have been trying to stay away from them a bit to rediscover some freshness from listening to them.

Jul 22, 2017, 05:59


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