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Overated: Soundust?
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chemistry set
chemistry set
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Re: Overated: Soundust?

Probably stating the obvious here, but my take on it is that much of the collective assessment of SD is colored by the fact it was Mary's last album. As such it makes a nice book-end to Stereolab's high period regardless of whether you mark the beginning of that high period as '93, '94, '96, or sometime else. Personally, I like SD a lot and precious little that came afterward. I suspect there are many others like me in this respect, and this also reinforces the notion that SD is the end of a magnificent era.

Still, I wouldn't describe SD as their magnum opus. For me, that will always be ETK, and despite being less adventurous, complex, dense, and perhaps less brainy albums, I prefer TRNBWA and MAQ to SD.

Jul 21, 2017, 01:09