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Dots & Loops Revisited
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Re: Dots & Loops Revisited

matthew6 wrote:

Most contemporary music criticism consists of a few paragraphs of cliched, vapid, half baked shit ..... the print version of the latest JJ Abrams flick

someone actually put some effort into this

Whilst it's great to see a high score and extesive feature on the groop, I find the writer's style pretty annoying to be honest. Very Simon Reynolds wannabe (he even mentioned the guy a couple of times, FFS!). I get a kind of pseudo, smug, know-it-all vibe from his words. Presenting his assumptions as fact, with the rest cribbed from Wikipedia. Haha! Or maybe I'm just bitter because I don't get paid to write about music! :-P

Jul 26, 2017, 05:43