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Check and Double Check live?
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Stereo Mouse
Stereo Mouse
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Re: Check and Double Check live?

Hobobachang wrote:
How many tracks have they recorded, 120+ as a conservative estimate? Probably quite a few have never been performed on stage.

What I liked about the later post-Mary tours is that in order to shake things up a bit and make things more interesting to compensate for the lack of Mary, several songs either reappeared in the setlist or were played for the first time. For example, I don't think they ever did "The Emergency Kisses" on the Cobra tour, but it was there in 2008. I would've preferred another means for these songs getting performed, but in 2004 I don't think the usual new album plus tried and true setlist staples routine would've worked, so I applaud changes in the setlist and even setup (for example, horns taking over the backup harmony functions).

Jul 30, 2017, 00:28