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Laetitia's US tour starts today!
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Re: Laetitia's US tour starts today!

deadlyfingers wrote:

Apparently we used to be neighbors! I live just a few blocks from Chop Suey, but over the hill in the CD. I hardly go there anymore because the new ownership doesn't book many bands that I like - a shame, since it's by far the best-sounding venue that I know of around here.

haha! no way! I was on 14th and Union (across the street from Skillet) for the 3 years I lived in Seattle, until 2 years ago when I moved to London

but, yeah - I agree with Chop Suey, there were never any good bands playing there when I lived there, I only went when friends' bands were performing. I got super jealous when I figured out that Broadcast had played there in 2005 on the TB tour, would've been a great place to see them.

Aug 26, 2017, 00:53